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When it comes to raising your online profile, stellar photography and videography are invaluable. Our team can create gorgeous, unique videos, photos and more that will capture the essence of your brand and catch the eye of prospective clients and customers.

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Production & Direction

We work closely with our clients to develop groundbreaking concepts for all kinds of video. We can create the following and more for your business:

  • 'About' Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Animation Videos
  • Explainer Video
  • Product-Focused Video
  • Event Video
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Testimonial Video
  • Typography Videos

80% of video on social media is watched on mute - so subtitles are needed.


Our team meticulously plans the entire shoot in the briefing stage, ensuring shooting day goes smoothly and everything gets done. Our videographers are expertly trained and work with the best of equipment, including Sony A7ii's, DJI Drones, and a vast array of audio, lighting and video equipment.


Our editing process is thorough and rigorous thanks to the detailed planning of the project brief. Here is where we can really make the content shine and ensure the essence of the client comes through.
1. Designing The Brief
2. The Shoot
3. Uploading & Examining The Content
4. Editing The Vision


Basement Studio

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Why Use Us?

Video and photo are the crown jewels of online marketing. Low-quality content means a bad return on investment. Our team is utterly devoted to creating stunning content that will grab the attention of new customers whilst ensuring current ones come back. This ensures the content is objective focused.

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