Shopify is our preferred eCommerce platform here at Viral Media, which is why we were waiting with bated breath for this summer’s Shopify Editions 2022. With the recent announcement of over a hundred new features added to Shopify’s arsenal, Shopify Editions gave us a lot to be excited about. The eCommerce giant is focusing on the consumer this year, with the addition of dozens of Connect to Consumer-based features all designed to expand advertising audiences, attract new potential buyers, and streamline the conversion process.

Finding new customers is first up on their list of improved areas. Tools such as Shopify Audiences, Shop Cash, Dovetale, and more are perfect for locating and keeping high-value customers who are looking for a product like yours — without breaking the bank on expensive digital ads across several different platforms.

Next up is converting shoppers. By utilising Markets, Point of Sale, Checkout, and other newly-added Shopify features, customer conversion across international platforms is entirely seamless and customisable. Shopify offers, in their own words, the “world’s most trusted” checkout — wholesale pricing, tap-to-pay, pre-orders, and more exclusive features are all essential for boosting sales, customer engagement, and conversion. These features are now native to Shopify and mean you don’t need to trust a third party to install their app or worry about it conflicting with the theme code.

Shopify Editions 2022
Shopify Checkout: Shopify Editions 2022

One of Shopify’s biggest selling points has been the ability to tell the story of your business in your own way. This latest update has brought with it improved customizability for all storefronts. The Hydrogen + Oxygen feature allows you to move from the building stage to launch day quicker than ever, while other features give you access to community NFT propagation, custom storefronts, theme updates, Metafields and more. Shopify has also launched the Search and Discovery App, a customisable search tool devoted to offering precise consumer insights. It’s never been easier to build your online business the way you want it to be.

Focusing again on the consumer, the update features several new additions to aid in building strong, lasting customer relationships. With Shopify QL Notebooks, you’ll have instant access to insider knowledge about your customer base before you reach out using their new Customer Engagement Tools — featuring Shopify Inbox, Shopify Email, email automation, and customer segmentation. The Shopify Shop App is designed specifically to offer unique customer insights and re-engage customers, creating stronger relationships and ensuring consumers come back again and again.

Shopify Editions 2022
Shopify Markets: Shopify Editions 2022

Shopify has also made moves within this update to place more management power squarely in your hands. The newest logistics tools include admin enhancements, the Shopify Fulfilment Network, global shipping and Shopify Flow, all designed to improve pricing, management, distribution, and most importantly, customer trust. These updates will give you a clearer insight into all the things that make your online business tick.

Shopify Editions 2022
Shopify Fulfilment Network: Shopify Editions 2022

Finally, Shopify has rolled out new Scale and Build tools, perfect for creating the foundations of a strong, successful online business. Custom Built for Shopify apps are designed to work flawlessly with Shopify, increasing performance and usability. These apps, combined with strengthened data protection, money management tools and carbon-neutral shipping, are an invaluable asset to any Shopify user. The new Scale and Build tools are definitely a highlight of the latest Shopify Editions release and work well to streamline your experience on the world’s best eCommerce platform.

And the best news — this update is available for free to all current Shopify Plus clients, so if you’re already a customer of ours, it’s already yours.

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Upgrading to Shopify Plus with Shopify Editions 2022Shopify is our preferred eCommerce platform here at Viral Media, which is why we were waiting with bated

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