Some Useful Tips on Globally Scaling a Shopify Store

Shopify is the most popular E-commerce platform for growing online businesses and reaching clients across the world. The whip-smart Shopify management user interface is designed to be accessible to both established businesses and new sellers alike, making it simple to start and grow an online store.

While its ease of use is a major selling point, it also makes it more difficult to stand out from your competitors, especially if looking to reach a worldwide strategy. Below is a list of five essential components needed to ensure your Shopify growth and expansion worldwide, gathering new customers from across the globe.

Shopify has recently introduced Shopify Markets which helps your business reach new markets, with the focus being on international markets. This feature helps boost your conversion rate as your customer, through a dedicated subdomain per market, can shop in their local currency and language.  

This feature not only makes the shopping experience simpler for your customers, but it allows you to control your product pricing in one place. This means you can have product-specific pricing per market without installing and managing a third party currency conversion app. This is essential for businesses with international customers who wish to have full control of product pricing.  

To Recap: 

These are all small elements which will contribute all along the customer journey, some elements might have critically good or bad effects on conversion and overall experience but nailing certain pain points down is important, and the 5 things above will help with that. 

These are elements which will contribute to the entire customer journey. They will have critical effects on both the conversion and overall customer experience so addressing these elements is essential in order for your company to grow.

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