Graphic Design & Branding Services

The Future Of Design

We work with clients that are starting their journey and need to establish a design, voice and tone for their business. Theres also clients that we work with who are rebranding, and need a design lead to develop visions, mockups and concepts.

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Digital Design Services

From organic social media posting to email assets and website interface, digital graphic design is an integral part of building a strong online presence. Viral Media can create all ad-campaign content, graphic design and videography for your business.

Print Design Services

Print design is still an important part of any marketing campaign. Our designers are experts in creating eye-catching pamphlets, booklets, coupons, posters, and other print-based marketing tools.

Product Design Services

We work closely with our clients to design products and packaging that is both functional, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Company Branding Services

Building a strong, distinctive, unshakeable brand is the key to success for any business. We work hard to make every aspect of a brand’s presence unique, covering everything from logos to digital content, all designed to capture the client’s aesthetic.

Mockup Branding Services

Logo Design Services

A logo can convey the very essence of your business with ease and flair. Logos have always been an essential aspect of marketing and branding, and we work hard to create distinct, iconic designs for every client.

Motion Graphic Services

Smooth, seamless motion graphics can elevate the design of any website or app, adding depth and aesthetic to the user experience. Put your designs in motion.