Shopify CRO

A Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Agency you can trust to deliver real results for your Shopify & Shopify Plus store.


Audit & Discover


Resolve & Monitor


Optimise & Grow

How we do it?

We mainly focus on enabling and supporting our clients to grow key metrics, along with having the full arsonel of our other services to our disposal.

Trusted Integrations

We grow realtionships with trusted platforms to give the best chance of success.

In Direct Contact with Shopify

Data Analytics

We believe to make a real topline difference, we need to measure progress.

Goals & Funnels

We monitor real-time data and can see exactly how your website funnel looks.

KPI Focused Results

Focusing on Average Order Value, Conversion Rate, on-page KPIs, and more.

UX Balanced with UI

Balancing amazing content, with high-load speed. A|B testing is critical to this.

Regular UX Testing

We ensure the basics, and the territory specific features are working smoothly.

KASH Beauty

Shopify Plus Case Study

We planned, built and designed the KASH Beauty website from scratch, grown it into a Shopify Plus Store and now they are on our CRO focused Performance Package.

KASH have more than doubled their traffic, and sales year-on-year, since launch. Growing their customer return reate to +40% and sustaining +3.5% Conversion Rate.


in revenue generated for clients


average increase in


average increase in order value

”Viral have helped us tirelessly since day-one launching this brand. The support we get from the team is incredable with Shopify Plus such as launches, sales and busy periods and then the work they do on growing and pushing our eCommerce strategy to the next level continuously alongside our team!”

Alex Cribbin

Operations Manager

KASH Beauty

Trusted by the biggest

brands internationally