5 Tips For Globally Scaling A Shopify Store

Some Useful Tips on Globally Scaling a Shopify Store

Shopify is the most popular E-commerce platform for growing online businesses and reaching clients across the world. The whip-smart Shopify management user interface is designed to be accessible to both established businesses and new sellers alike, making it simple to start and grow an online store.

While its ease of use is a major selling point, it also makes it more difficult to stand out from your competitors, especially if looking to reach a worldwide strategy. Below is a list of five essential components needed to ensure your Shopify growth and expansion worldwide, gathering new customers from across the globe.

  • Smart Search Functionality
    Smart Search is the most powerful tool in the online seller’s toolbelt, providing results for the most general and specific queries and aiding conversion rate optimisation. The search function must be accessible at all times, pages and steps in the eCommerce journey.Chances are, a buyer visiting your store already knows what they’re looking for. This makes autofill search bars in particular important — they can save time, present exact matches, or suggest similar products. Every Shopify developer should always have the customer’s ease of use in mind.If it’s eCommerce, try limiting non-eCommerce results.
  • Consumer Reviews
    Reviews are increasingly important in the success of an online business. Social proof is the key to converting customers — sales are more likely to be boosted for a business that has an array of positive, product-specific reviews.Reviews increase brand visibility, trust in the seller, and open a line of communication between buyer and seller. Display reviews on homepages and product pages for maximum effect.
  •  Facebook Pixel
    The beauty of Facebook Pixel is that it delivers your ads to the people most likely to be interested in your product. The pixel tracks searches and clicks on Google, Facebook and other social media before using that data to retarget buyers with relevant ads, boosting interaction and sales.It also helps an eCommerce manager understand the patterns and thought processes of users on your site, in turn making it easier for you to improve your traffic, advertising and conversion rates.
  • Gather Contact Details
    Opening the lines of communication and building relationships with customers, both established and potential, is a key component of any successful Shopify build. Gathering email addresses, phone numbers and other contact data is a great way to build a database of people interested in your product.Klaviyo is a great email app to sync with websites (Shopify and Shopify Plus specifically), phone numbers are even better. Pre-ordering, abandoned cart, back in stock, and discount popups are all potential ways of getting emails and phone numbers while still providing value to the user.
  • Currency Converter
    Having a currency converter is a crucial component of any globally successful e-commerce store, for obvious reasons. However, its importance doesn’t stop at global sellers — think of Northern Ireland’s currency situation. Conversion is needed there. What if local customers are abroad and want the same exact experience?Letting people change their preferred currency manually is the best practice in e-commerce growth and makes the user’s buying experience even more positive.

Shopify has recently introduced Shopify Markets which helps your business reach new markets, with the focus being on international markets. This feature helps boost your conversion rate as your customer, through a dedicated subdomain per market, can shop in their local currency and language.

This feature not only makes the shopping experience simpler for your customers, but it allows you to control your product pricing in one place. This means you can have product-specific pricing per market without installing and managing a third party currency conversion app. This is essential for businesses with international customers who wish to have full control of product pricing.

To Recap: 

These are all small elements which will contribute all along the customer journey, some elements might have critically good or bad effects on conversion and overall experience but nailing certain pain points down is important, and the 5 things above will help with that.

These are elements which will contribute to the entire customer journey. They will have critical effects on both the conversion and overall customer experience so addressing these elements is essential in order for your company to grow.

If you are looking to grow your eCommerce business, and need expert support please feel free to reach out: [email protected].

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